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1 November 2020

To coincide with the latest World Enough and Time podcast episode on Revenge of the Cybermen, we have a very special offer price of £5 on director Michael E. Briant's autobigraphy, Who is Michael E. Briant? Get your copy here!





9 October 2019

Welcome to our site! Just to reassure visitors that while we may not have published anything in a while, we're still selling all our available titles and associated merchandise - just visit our Shop pages. Thank you for your support!

18 August 2014 - 'The Making of Swallows & Amazons' published today!

Sophie Neville's wonderful book is officially published today. It has been very well received by everyone and we are extremely proud of it, but if you would like to 'try before you buy', then click here to read a sample chapter.

Don't forget you can also order signed copies - get yours before they run out!


13 August 2014 - Sophie Neville on The Wright Stuff today!

Sophie Neville will be the special guest on Channel 5's The Wright Stuff this morning, where she will be discussing whether it is still possible to have a Swallows and Amazons childhood, along with topics as diverse as the death penalty and whether there are disadvantages of being left-handed! Do watch it and support her! Email The Wright Stuff with your comments.

Meanwhile, Sophie had a fabulous time up in Cumbria last week attending various special screenings of the newly restored Swallows & Amazons, and had the chance to chat to many fans and sign books, and even took the opportunity for a photo with her old co-star Swallow.

Listen to an interview with Sophie here.

29 June 2014 - New book! - 'The Making of Swallows & Amazons' published 18 August


We are very pleased to announce the imminent publication of our latest title, 'The Making of Swallows & Amazons' by Sophie Neville.

Sophie won the hearts of children everywhere when she played Able-seaman Titty Walker in the classic 1974 film, alongside Virginia McKenna, Ronald Fraser and Suzanna Hamilton. Using extracts from the diary she kept as a 12-year-old, Sophie has written a charming account of the making of the movie on location in the Lake District.

The book is beautifully illustrated throughout by the photos her parents took at the time, official publicity stills, and Sophie's own hand-drawn maps of the filming locations, inspired by the endpapers of the Arthur Ransome books.


The Making of Swallows & Amazons, which includes 16 pages of colour plates, can be preordered here.

Copies signed by Titty herself can also be preordered - only available through Classic TV Press!

We recently interviewed Sophie about the book and her time making the film - listen here.

15 October 2013 - Tenko memorabilia! - signed photos and books

We now have a limited number of photos and Remembering Tenko books signed by Tenko cast members for sale here - have a look and get a wonderful addition to your Tenko collection!

Don't forget that Ray Ogden's beautiful Tenko Remembered prints are also still available here.


15 May 2013 - Pulling Faces now available on Amazon Kindle for 99p!

For a limited time only, Helen Goldwyn's 'Pulling Faces' is available on Kindle for the special introductory price of just 99p! So there's no excuse not to take a punt and get yourself a very enjoyable read, and support your favourite small publisher in the process! Go on, you know you want to...

Get your Louise Jameson signed copy too...

We also now have a few copies of the book signed by Louise Jameson, available to order from the Upstage shop page.


15 April 2013 - 'Pulling Faces' by Helen Goldwyn published 20 April

The latest publication from our theatre imprint UPSTAGE is the brilliant 'Pulling Faces', written by the very talented Helen Goldwyn (whom some of you will know from her work with Big Finish) for Louise Jameson (Doctor Who, Tenko). Louise also edited the play and has written a foreword for the book, in which she describes the play as 'the biggest challenge of my career'.

This one-woman play, in which Louise played all twelve parts, is a wonderfully acerbic comedy about society's obsession with youth, beauty and transformation, which recently toured the UK to great acclaim.

'Pulling Faces' is illustrated with a colour plates section, and is now available to order.

Louise will be signing copies of the book at the BFI following their Robots of Death event on 20 April - see here for info.

2 January 2013 - 'Tenko Remembered' prints by Ray Ogden

Tenko's original titles designer, Ray Ogden, who provided the beautiful illustrations and cover artwork for our Tenko book, has produced two sets of these illustrations which are now available to buy. The limited edition prints, entitled 'Tenko Remembered', are mounted, individually numbered and signed by Ray, and come with a signed authentication certificate. See here for further information.

A truly special piece of Tenko memorabilia!



20 November 2012 - Tenko Kindle, NEC Reunion and Cult Publishers Expo interview

The Kindle version of our Tenko book is now available. If you read it on a Kindle Fire, a PC, or an iPad then all the photographs that weren't originally black and white are in glorious colour, that means over 200 colour photos! Hooray!

This Sunday sees a second Tenko Reunion in as many months at the NEC Memorabilia show. As well as signings and photo opportunities there are plans for a Q&A panel. Cast attending are detailed further below.

Finally, if you want to see me being interviewed about my Tenko book and Michael E. Briant's brilliant memoirs or the very lovely and talented Joanne Black being interviewed about her Being Human book then watch the video below c/o of the fantastic Fantom Films chaps:

06 November 2012 - Reunion II

Hot on the heels of our recent book launch/reunion at the Imperial War Museum (see further below) in association with Fantom Films we are now organising another Tenko Reunion.

This time the venue is the Memorabilia show at the NEC, Birmingham on Sunday 25th November. A number of cast members will be in attendance, signing photos and posing for photographs with fans. We will be there alongside them selling copies of our book.

Cast attending the event are as follows:

Ann Bell (Marion)
Veronica Roberts (Dorothy)
Claire Oberman (Kate)
Josephine Welcome (Miss Hasan)
Philippa Urquhart (Lillian)
Anna Lindup (Daisy)

Damien Thomas (Jake) will also be attending, although he's not one of our guests. 

Tickets for the show can be purchased here
The complete list of Fantom Films guests at this event can be viewed here N.B. Memorabilia takes place over 2 days. The Tenko Reunion will be taking place on the Sunday only. 

23 October 2012 - Launch of Remembering Tenko

Yesterday, a large number of cast, crew and fans converged on the Imperial War Museum London for a very special celebration of the much-loved Tenko and the launch of our new book:

The event took place in the museum's cinema and began with a wine reception. A video montage and clips from the series were then shown - to appreciative applause from the audience - followed by heartfelt speeches by the writer of this new book, Andy Priestner, series creator Lavinia Warner and finally Louise Jameson (Blanche Simmons). After a reunion of over 20 members of cast and crew on stage there was a photocall on the steps of the museum, before an extensive signing session back in the cinema.

The video montage shown at the IWM:

Thank you to everyone who made this event possible. Signed copies of the book are available here. N.B. We pride ourselves on good customer service and always fulfil orders very quickly, and if you buy direct from us rather than Amazon then we retain more of the profit which we can invest in new titles.

Many thanks to Glen Allen and Ian Chambers respectively for producing these videos.

14 October 2012 - Update on Tenko launch/cast signing

With the official launch of Remembering Tenko just a week away, here is a full line-up of the cast members attending and confirmed as signing. As you can see this is likely to be the biggest Tenko cast gathering ever. We look forward to seeing ticketholders on the 22nd!






Creator Lavinia Warner and writer Jill Hyem will also be in attendance and signing.

 23 September 2012 - Two free PDF extracts from Remembering Tenko

As the launch of our comprehensive book on the classic TV drama Tenko draws closer, we thought you might like a sneak peek inside the book.

Below are two extracts which offer a flavour of the content:
- Extract from Chapter 10 on filming the first series in Dorset
- Extract from Chapter 12 reviewing the seventh episode of the first series

There are a still a handful of tickets left for the launch event, which comprises a reception and signing event.You can order your ticket(s) here

29 August 2012 - Book available for pre-order / Tickets for exclusive signing event

We are pleased to announce that Remembering Tenko is nowavailable for pre-order. If you order from us now your copy will be signed by the author and will arrive on or before the publication date (and more likely the latter).

Tickets are also now available for a very special signing and book launch event to be held at the Imperial War Museum London on the day of publication. The book launch will take place at lunchtime on Monday 22nd October, followed at 2pm by the signing event, a once in a lifetime chance to meet the stars of Tenko all in one place and have your copy of the book signed.

Those confirmed to be signing so far include: Ann Bell, Stephanie Cole, Louise Jameson, Jeananne Crowley, Claire Oberman, Joanna Hole, Anna Lindup, Josephine Welcome, Philippa Urquhart, Lizzie Mickery and Damien Thomas.

Due to time and space constraints only a very limited number of tickets are available. Tickets are £50 each, a fee which includes your copy of the book. There will be no admittance on the day to those without tickets. You can order your ticket(s) here

2 August 2012 - 'Remembering Tenko' published in October

Three years in the writing, Remembering Tenko, by Tenko afficionado Andy Priestner, is the definitive story of one of the BBC's best-loved dramas. The book gathers contributions from virtually all of the series' cast and crew and is authorised by Tenko creator Lavinia Warner who also provides the foreword.

From its first scenes filmed at Ealing's water tank in April 1981 to its last at TV Centre in October 1985, Remembering Tenko tells the story of the series production: its casting, its groundbreaking storylines, and its location filming in the UK and the Far East. It also details the critical and public reaction to this hugely successful ensemble drama which was regularly watched by over 15 million viewers.

The tome also examines Tenko's origins and how meeting the real women of the Japanese internment camps inspired TV researcher Lavinia Warner to pitch a drama series to the BBC in the first place. Every episode is reviewed in depth as Tenko's themes, storylines and characters are explored and analysed.

The book is lavishly illustrated with over 300 photographs including shots from the private photo albums of cast and crew, together with official publicity photos from the Radio Times and the BBC. The cover artwork has been produced byTenko's original titles designer, the talented Ray Ogden, who has also provided internal illustrations.

Cast contributors include: Ann Bell (Marion), Stephanie Beacham (Rose), Louise Jameson (Blanche), Stephanie Cole (Beatrice), Veronica Roberts (Dorothy), Burt Kwouk (Yamauchi), Claire Oberman (Kate), Elizabeth Chambers (Mrs Van Meyer), Joanna Hole (Sally), Jeananne Crowley (Nellie), Josephine Welcome (Miss Hasan), Philippa Urquhart (Lillian), Anna Lindup (Daisy), Lizzie Mickery (Maggie), Cindy Shelley (Alice), Elspet Gray (Phyllis), Ann Queensberry (Judith), Jonathan Newth (Clifford), Damien Thomas (Jake), Edmund Pegge (Bernard), Wendy Williams (Vicky), and Kerry Tovey (Suzy).

Crew contributors include: Lavinia Warner, writers: Jill Hyem and Anne Valery, script editors: Evgeny Gridneff and Devora Pope, composer: James Harpham, costume designer: Robin Stubbs; and directors: David Tucker, Michael Owen Morris and the late Pennant Roberts.

Running to over 700 pages Remembering Tenko is a comprehensive book on this hugely popular drama series. It will be published on Monday 22nd October 2012 - 31 years after the broadcast of Tenko's very first episode - and will be available for pre-order from this site in a few weeks time. Also available on Kindle.

Front Cover: © Ray Ogden, Classic TV Press
Photographs accompanying this announcement:
© Joanna Hole, Stephanie Cole

4 May 2012 - 'Who is Michael E. Briant?' out now!

We are pleased to announce that the highly readable memoirs of respected Doctor Who, Blake's 7 and Secret Army director Michael E. Briant are officially published today.

'Who is Michael E. Briant?' is available in paperback and Kindle editions - details of how to order can be foundhere.

We also hope to soon have the eBook available in other formats - watch this space!

We're very proud of the book here at Classic TV Press, and are sure you will enjoy it too!

18 March 2012 - 'Who is Michael E. Briant?' now available for pre-order

There may not have been many updates here over the last few months but that doesn't mean we've not been busy here at Classic TV Press Towers. In fact we've been industriously prepping two exciting new titles: a definitive book on the classic women prisoner of war drama Tenko, which is set to be published with considerable fanfare in October; and the immensely readable memoirs of classic Who director Michael E. Briant.

Michael E. Briant directed numerous episodes of classic TV series throughout the 1970s such as Blake’s 7, Secret Army, Warship and most famously Doctor Who. Many of his Who stories (The Sea Devils, The Green Death and Robots of Death) are regarded as all-time greats by fans of the series. 

In this memoir, Briant reminisces about his life and work, from his beginnings as a child actor in the 1950s, followed by a highly successful career working for the BBC and later for Dutch television, right through to his impressive circumnavigation of the world and attack by pirates in the Gulf of Aden. He includes separate chapters on each of his Doctor Who stories and also shares memories of his early years on the programme in the 1960s, while he was working his way up in the TV profession, and William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton were at the TARDIS controls. The book's foreword is written by another Doctor Who legend - The Daleks and The Daemons director - Christopher Barry.

'Who is Michael E. Briant?' will be published on 4 May and can bepre-ordered here.

26 September 2011 - A Guide to Being Human now available on Kindle

A Guide to Being Human: Series 1-3 is also now available as an eBook on Amazon Kindle. Joanne Black's entertaining look at all things Being Human covers everything from Aidan Turner to Zombies. As with the print version, the book is illustrated by Chris Wreford. Links to the listings on the .co.uk, .com and .de Amazon sites can be found on the book's shop page here.

Info on Kindle Reading Apps and links to Amazon Kindle Reader pages can be found in the post below.

5 September 2011 - The Pandorica Opens now available on Kindle

Doctor Who: The Pandorica Opens, Frank Collins's well-received tome on Matt Smith's first series as the Eleventh Doctor, is now available as an eBook on Amazon Kindle. Links to the listings on the .co.uk, .com and .de Amazon sites can be found on the book's shop page here.

As well as on the Kindle reader itself, the eBook can be read on other devices including PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7, with the added advantage that all images will be in colour. Kindle Apps for these devices can be downloaded for free from Amazon.

If you don't have a Kindle and would like to buy one, please support Classic TV Press by using the appropriate link below (takes you to the Amazon product page):

Kindle:       Amazon.co.uk   Amazon.de  Amazon.com

Kindle 3G:  Amazon.co.uk  Amazon.de  Amazon.com

30 July 2011 - Caroline Blakiston's Black Bread & Cucumber now available

Black Bread & Cucumber is the tale of acclaimed actress Caroline Blakiston's experiences performing in Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard in Russia in Russian. Blakiston evocatively describes her time living and working in Taganrog (Chekhov's birthplace) and Moscow - a contribution to Russian theatre that earned her a Golden Globe. The book is illustrated throughout.

Blakiston (left - signing copies at the National Theatre) who is best known for her starring roles inMiss Marple: At Bertram's Hotel (Bess Sedgwick), Brass (Lady Patience Hardacre) and Return of the Jedi (Mon Mothma) has performed Black Bread & Cucumber all over the world,  but this is the first time it has been made available in print.

The recommended retail price for the title is £8.95 (£8.50 on Amazon), butwe are currently selling copies at £6.95. Readreviews of Black Bread & Cucumber.

3 July 2011 - Being Human - new guide to Series 1-3 is published on Friday

We are very pleased to announce that Joanne Black has expanded on her original Being Human book to include an in-depth guide to the acclaimed third series of the supernatural drama series. You can pre-order the new book here.

Joanne Black's first book for Classic TV Press which examined the first two series of Being Human, published last November, was described by Total Sci-fi Online as a "comprehensive guide to the first two seasons of the hit BBC Three show" adding that "it’s clear that the author has a great deal of love for, and knowledge of Toby Whithouse’s cult show."

Joanne will be signing copies of her new book at the Classic TV Press stand atLondon Film and Comic Con.

30 June 2011 - UPSTAGE - the launch of our new theatre imprint

We are set to launch a new imprint focusing on the world of theatre, entitled 'UPSTAGE'.

Our first title, Black Bread & Cucumber (due for publication on 15 July), is a true story written by well-known former RSC actress Caroline Blakiston (right), which she has performed as a one-woman show all around the world. Through this evocative story Blakiston shares her remarkable experiences as the first English actress to play in Chekhov, in Russia, in Russian.

Blakiston has appeared in many television series and films including: Brass; Miss Marple: At Bertram's Hotel; and Return of the Jedi (as Mon Mothma, see image opposite).

Read more about Black Bread & Cucumber

21 February 2011 - New Blake's 7 book announced

Established writer David McIntee is set to examine the reasons for the enduring appeal of Terry Nation’s cult space opera Blake’s 7 in a new tome to be published by Classic TV Press.

Read the full press release for more detailshere

17 February 2011 - The Pandorica Opens reviewed in DWM

We were delighted to see that the latest edition of Doctor Who Magazine (issue 431) features another positive review of Frank Collins's book The Pandorica Opens.

Reviewer Vanessa Bishop gives a good overview of the content and style of the book, before summing it up as:
"A worthy addition to serious texts on Doctor Who."

 You can purchase your copy of The Pandorica Openshere

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